About us

    Leading Automotive Brake Parts Supplier In China

    Founded in 2001, SSUNNBRAKEPARTS specialize in the design, producing and testing of various brake fittings and brake hose. The major product including 6 categories as below:

    1.Brake Fittings: including Banjo Fittings,Male Fittings,Female Fittings,Center Support and Hardware for OEM style rubber brake hose of brake and clutch system..

    2.Brake Line Fittings: including Brake Adapter,Threaded Fittings(such as BSP Fittings,JIC Fittings,Metric Fittings,Bleed Nipples,Brazed Fittings),T connector,Brake Pipe Fittings and related Hardwarel for 3AN and 4AN stainless steel braided brake hose of brake system..

    3.Bolt and Nuts: including Banjo Bolts,Single Hole Banjo Bolts,Double Holes Banjo Bolts,Metric Thread Banjo Bolts,Steel Tube Nuts and Related Copper Washers..

    4.Brake Hose and Brake Line: including SAE J1401 1/8” Rubber Brake Hose,3/16”Rubber Brake Hose,3.2x11mm EPTM Brake Hose and OEM style replacement Brake Hose Assemblies;SAE J1401 3AN Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose,4AN Stainless Steel Braided Hose and Brake Lines;SAE J527 Low Carbon Steel Tubing (Nominal Tubing OD are 3/16”,1/4”,5/16”,3/8”,1/2” and 6mm) and Steel Brake Lines..

    5.Brass Fittings: including Flare Brass Fittings,Brass Pipe Fittings,Female and Male Adapters Backnuts..

    6.Brake Parts Accessories: including various kinds of Plastic or Rubber Material Brake Parts Accessories..

    To ensure product quality, Sunny Brake Parts use advanced tooling equipment and Cold-Forming Technology.Quality is everything to us.

    We take pride in our quality management system and the resulting quality in our products and services. We have export to thousands of brake fittings,brake hoses and brake hose assemblies to USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South America, Tanzania, Somali Australia,
    New Zealand,U.A.E, Thailand…etc

    Please let us know your interest, we will be happy to do business with you and any questions, do not hesitate contact us!
    Hope we will have a long terms business relationship with you !