brake hose assembly

OEM Flexible Brake Hose Assembly

Brake Hose Assembly,SAE J1401 1/8"HL EPDM,pressure tested upto 3,000 psi,OEM quality for brake and clutch system of cars

OEM Flexible Brake Hose Assembly

Brake hose consist of five layers.(EPDM rubber inner tube,first reinforcement textile braid in PVA, adhesive coating,second reinforcement textile braid in PVA,outer protective cover of EPDM rubber.)Our brake hoses conform to SAE J1401 and DOT standard FMVSS106.Each brake hose assembly is pressure tested up to 3,000 P.S.I. to ensure the safety.

Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Inner Layer Double Braid Outer Layer
1/8inch       3.2mm 0.413inch      10.5mm EPDM PVA EPDM
3/16inch     4.8mm 0.492inch     12.5mm

Rubber Brake Hose Features:

  • Cost Effective Price
  • Reliable and Professional
  • SAE J1401 and DOT Standard
  • Pressure tested up to 3,000 P.S.I.
  • 100% inspect before shipping
  • Available custom OEM quality brake lines
  • Free sample for checking
  • OEM and ODM service provided

 Advantage & Application:
Long length of rubber brake hose can be reached 50m,100m,200m .etc without any joint; and our hose is durable,resilient,and will last for a long time without having to be replaced. Widely using cars, passenger cars, trucks, trailer, Jeep, SUV,multi-purpose passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle, light truck, middle bus, MPV, LCV, RV, recreational vehicle, burden carrier, tow tractor, off-road, racing car,motorsport, tuning car, modified car, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, three wheeler, antique car, vintage car, classic car etc. Including American cars, Germany cars, French cars, Italian cars, Sweden cars, British cars, Japanese cars, Korea cars, Chinese Cars, Indian cars etc. for all vehicles with hydraulic brake and clutch system including drum brake and disc brake conversion etc.


Rubber Brake Hose Specification:

Test Items Test Condition Standard Test Results
ID Normal 3.2mm 3.15~3.45mm
OD Normal 10.5mm 10.30~10.70mm
Expansion 1000psi 0.33cc/ft max. 0.14~0.16cc/ft
1500psi 0.42cc/ft max. 0.20~0.22cc/ft
2900psi 0.61cc/ft max. 0.41~0.43cc/ft
Burst 4000psi×2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi No seepage >9,500psi
Whip 235~250psi >35h >70h
Tensile tensile speed:218±3mm/min >1446N 2350N
Cold Bend -45°C ~-48°C× 72h, 3-5s,bending180° No cracking No cracking
Ozone 100pphm×70h×40°C, 7X No cracking No cracking
Impulse 146°C 1±0.1min at 1600psi+70 >7000psi No crack >7300psi
Compatibility 120°C × 70h >7000psi No seepage >8000psi
Salt Spray 5%NaCl, 24h,water cleanout in 35°C No red rust No red rust
Water Aging Water in 85±2°C,after 70h~72h 4000psi × 2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi; >35h; >1446N >10050psi;>55h; >2000N


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